Layla is the director of two international companies. Her swiss company, Love and Layla KPPN was named with the initials of her children. Her english company is Mrs Universal Empire. The aim of this company is to bring an exclusive opportunity for middle-aged women, to empower them and bring more awareness to the world of capabilities of the middle age women globally.  Layla has a unique passion for her work, bringing joy and a reforming energy to everything she has been involved in. She identified the need for change in beauty pageants and wants Miss Universal Empire to reassess how women compete for the title.

She recognises that there are many assets that make a Beauty Queen and she wants to celebrate these in women aged between 35-65. It is a competition that recognises diversity and women who have faced significant challenges in their lives.

In addition to her work in the beauty pageant industry, Layla has had personal success in numerous other areas of her life. She is an international figure, specifically known for her catwalk appearances. In modeling, she has coached numerous other models, helping them through their journeys. She has also been a producer and actress on numerous films in many countries.


Layla has had personal success in other areas of her life. She passionately strives for her charity work. Layla believes that love should be spread freely around the world and every act of kindness makes a difference.


Layla has hosted two charity gala fundraising events to support and raise awareness for mental health and children in hospice.


In 2017 she arranged a visit to an elderly house in Istanbul, Turkey. She took part in all activities and workshops, and most of all connected with them on a person level. She raised support for this elderly house, and many visitors came to visit thereafter.


Layla is an ambassador of the Global Kidney Foundation and supports them strongly .

She also supports Layla Salehzehi Foundation during their annual fundraising events. Layla also helped to rebuild a school in one of the poverty stricken areas of Jamaica. She travelled to Jamaica thereafter to support the opening of the school, she encouraged all children on their sports day there too. Layla  is a hard working woman who believes the word impossible doesn't exist. Through her journey she has impacted many lives.


She always has her smile, even on  the darkest days of her life. She is a woman filled with positivity, hope and love for others.


Layla personal story is a testament to her intelligence, passion, patience and healthy mindset.


She achieved her success in modelling and the filming industry when no one believed in her capabilities, apart from her children who believed in her, she had no support at all.


Layla wants to bring an empire of women, who have lost their hope during life challenges, who have forgotten their power and value, who have many untold stories a platform to believe in their dreams.



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