1st Anthology of Poetry Hera the Light of Women

January, 2020

The Founder of Hera the Light of Women, Mrs. Marianela Mirpuri, informed me about the Association she was going to found and its target. I immediately felt happy to be part of it.

In the 90’s, when I brought the Green group of Women together, in the town I am living in, we discussed on how could we have a better space to live and many other subjects, if we had more women in important positions. Hera does not want to be fundamentalist, on the contrary, it is an inclusive concept and project, open to Humanity.


Simon de Beauvoir may have been a kind of fundamentalist feminist, but she said, she had written „Since I do not think that women are inherently inferior to men, I also do not think that they are inherently superior to men.” I agree with her.  That is one of the reasons why we wish to show men’s point of view concerning “Hera the Light of women”.


I personally was appointed  International Ambassador of Peace and Human Rights by the World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights – WLPH. And when I think about this award I think about the Bosnian family, man, woman and two babies I granted a room and food, living together with me and my family for half a year. They inspired me to write more poems about war, about living together without fear of contact to people from another  culture.


This is one more reason I must thank to Mrs. Marianela Mirpuri, the Founder of this NGO, to have given me green card to concept and create with her the “1st Anthology of Poetry Hera The Light of Women”. Here we may bring poets from all over the world together to express their point of view about Women in world’s society, their pain, their plans, their success, and their dreams. So that Heracity, a physical city that will raise from Hera the Light of Women, may work much better for a better world and Future for Humanity.


We can already count on poets like the big Deconstruction poet George Wallace, from the U.S.A, with his not yet published poem “When Ruth Bader Ginsburg Stood”; Rosalia Arteaga, ex President of Ecuador and philantropist; Constantin Severine from Romenia and his poem Frida Kahlo,  Irene Marques, writer, poet, scholar and educator. Moving from Portugal to Canada at the age of twenty, Irene was inspired to work bilingually and cross-culturally because reality is complex and constantly begs to be deciphered. She believes in the power of literature and creative language to allow us to broaden our sense of self, others and otherness (the non-human) giving us a more fulfilling existential experience; Selma Kopic from Bosnian Herzegovina; Nguyen Chih from Vietnam; Eduard Harents from Armenia, Punya Devi Writer, poet, story writer and Novelist from India, Anne Thrope from Bangladesh, Gazi Tuğrul Ertuğrul from Turkey, Abba Justina from Nigeria, Isilda Nunes, poet and one the founders of the “Grupo da Unión Hispanomundial de Escritores UHE Portugal” and other poets of more countries to whom I have to present  my excuses, because I do not have mentioned them here.


Maria do Rosário Loures

Hera the Light of Women

For a better Future for Humanity