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Dr Arnaud Ruel


Always tempted by humanitarian activities, Dr Arnaud Ruel starts a formation in management and administration at the school of politic Sciences in Paris/France.


At the same time, he tries to go to China and India for practices in Humanitarian Medicine. During this time, he was also in Cambodja and Vietnam, where he completed written work in Human Medicine, as a general practicer. Then he went to Thailand where he studied another practice Wat Po ( ostheopatie- kyropractie- kinesiology).


After the Asian experience he went to Africa inside the “French Doctors”, the organization that would give place to MSF ( Medecins sans Frontieres- doctors without frontiers).

He creates his own structure of social aid in Africa, with the help of a sponsor. And starts travelling all over Africa, building actions in social welfare and awareness.

He had the opportunity to study the medicine of the locals, the medical plants used, the formulas, the minerals etc.


Coming back in France he creates the foundation “Africa Line” to help women and children, assuring them financial independence and work.

He also created and founded the well recognized brand of cosmetiques and health “OMOYE”, that he decided to sell some years later.

Free of big commitments imposed by OMOYE, he created “Mahakala” specialized in the etiology ( research of the cause and the origine).


Mahakala is commited with promoting wellness and health.

They work on drinking water, hygiene of the mouth, cervical and back pains, AVC, fight against malaria, immunity system, etc


A beautiful work from Human to Human.




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