Beatriz Encinas Duval

Founder and CEO of KV&T and Encinas Duval Advisors. Senior advisor on strategy, value creation, change management and corporate governance. Entrepreneur, and Professor at Polytechnical University of Madrid (UPM).


Her core vision: help people and organizations find their identity and strength, so that they can expand their limits. Promote solid leadership capable of making change happen, as a basis on which to build the future.


Pioneer female engineer, businesswoman and entrepreneur, she has broken many “glass ceilings” in sectors in which leadership was carried only by men, getting to participate in several Board of Directors as the first woman. She has held management positions as well in multinational organizations such as DHL or Accenture.


PhD Agronomic Engineer by background and MBA, she has an extensive and consolidated experience as Executive, Manager, CEO, CTO, Management Consultant and Senior Advisor across a variety of sectors: Counseling, Logistics, Bank/Finances, Agriculture & Food-Beverage, Aeronautics, Tourism & Travel Trade Industry, Education, Digital Transformation, Social Economy and Nonprofit/NGO.


Trendsetter and cutting-edge researcher in strategy, efficient and sustainable management, digital transformation, organizational balance, cultural change, BDS, corporate social responsibility and human behavior.


Through Encinas Duval Advisors, she collaborates with managers and directors in the design and achievement of mid & long-term goals, melting coherent processes and objectives, and integrating persons to convert organizations into stronger, solid and sustainable enterprises. She accompanies people and organizations on a day-to-day basis, along the path to excellence and value creation. addressing strategies, objectives and solutions from all angles of organization and personal activity.


Enthusiastic about persons, she assists to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they would like to be, collaborating with executives and organizations daily to achieve goals, to reinvent themselves and to design their vision for the future and the strategy which will make this future to turn to reality.


As a university professor, she promotes education as an integrated and transversal process, based on values, commitment and permanent innovation. She works every day in the construction of global citizens, leaders and professionals with personal integrity, competences and freedom of mind to decide and design the future