Carine de Meyere

Carine de Meyere is a global visionary humanitarian, impact investor academically educated as a human rights activist with a special focus on women’s rights and female empowerment through social entrepreneurship at Harvard University and Wells College.

Carine de Meyere was a social entrepreneur with her edtech K!M – Kids !n Motion and sees modern technology and AI, fundraising, social entrepreneurship and the creation of uncommon collaborations all leading to sustainable partnerships as the driving force and the catalyst for change. She worked for TEDxAmsterdamWomen as well as Women in Tech.

In 2011 she started her own global funding platform for female social entrepreneurs called Women of the World. Through this platform she regularly organizes female leadership study trips around the world – to the Middle East as well as to the United States – using her international global network for global impact.

As a result of these global cross cultural building efforts, she was nominated in 2022 as one of the Top 50 Global Inspiring Woman to Watch!. And in 2023 she was nominated as one of the 100 Women of the Future!

Ccurrently she is serving as President of her global financial female empowerment platform ‘Women of the World’ aiming to financially empower 5 million women by 2030 alongside the 17 sustainability development goals. She is an angel, early and later stage vc, impact investor and public speaker.

Carine’s motto is: ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’!