Concha Huerta de Soto

Concha’s professional career started as Manager of Administration in McKinsey & Company’s Madrid Office after she received a bachelor’s degree in Law from the Complutense University and an M.B.A. from the I.E. and the London Business School, graduating from both with Honours.  From there she moved to DataMicro, an EDP consulting company focused in design and implementation of information systems, where she was Chief Executive Officer.


After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from the Complutense University, she started her own fashion label distributed through local outlets and internationally. She matched leather with lace and other textiles giving traditional Spanish designs a modern touch. She also participated in government programs which promoted Spanish merino leather in markets like Japan and the USA.

Later she moved into film and television, first as executive producer in Canal + Spain where she also led the project CINEMEDIA, a Spanish Film Digital Encyclopaedia, and later as Director of the Spanish Film Department at Antena 3 TV, where she acquired films for broadcasting and launched Ensueño Films. Concha was Executive Producer for 3 major films during her time in Antena 3.

In 2007 she received a master’s degree in creative writing by E.C.H. in Madrid and started a blog where she reviews books, films, theatre, art exhibitions, and restaurants worldwide and publishes short stories.  She also started several Culture Clubs where she gives lectures on books adapted into film, and moderates talks encouraging the exchange of vital experiences.

She has given more than 100 lectures on 60 different titles.

In 2017 she launched Starbound Theatre in London, a theatre company focused on the theme of identity which aims to support diversity in its work and endeavours to celebrate women’s voices both on and off the stage. The company produced Darlene Craviotto’s “Pizza Man” in 2017 and Jessica Moss’s “I Will Miss You When You’re Gone” in 2018.  It is currently working on the new play “The Net” by Zoë Guzy-Sprague.