Dr Nidaa Sabbagh

Author |Consultant | Negotiator | Business Strategist

Bachelor of Science Political Sciences and Government.
Doctor of Humanities (Good News International University)
Honorary Doctorate in Humanities (National Academy for Studies and Development)

Nidaa has over 30 years of wide-ranging experience and accomplishment in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and entire Africa affairs, having lived and worked in many locations throughout the region. Recently she was elected as Peace Princess by Women and Girls Empowerment Support due to her exemplary achievements as a global expert in peace and conflict resolution.
From her successful consultancy background, she has worked & advised many Governments & Corporates organisation. From the governments of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to top leading companies in Legal, Aviation, Defence, Peace & Conflict Resolution, international trade and investment to name a few. As an accomplished Consultant marketer, she has established commercial relationships in the Middle East and Africa. Her role involved advisory regarding official documents and direct interpenetration which has led to the completion of sustainable bi-lateral and multilateral peace, conflict resolution, trade and investment agreements amongst the global stakeholders. While working as a Juridical Consultant at Harding Mitchel Law firm in London between June 2007 and 2013, Nidaa provided high quality professional support and advice to the lawyers by translating complex legal documents in human rights and other complex cases; carrying out risk assessments and feasibility studies; and reporting for capital investments.
An author, Consultant, Negotiator, Business Strategist, Nidaa is currently retained by a number of national ministries and international business operations, advising on a wide scope of political, cultural, economic, project-related, trade, investments and risk assessment matters. Her present engagements include appointment as the Political, Economic and Security Advisor to The Ministry of Defence of Libya (GNA) since 2017; Economic Adviser for the Federation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Chambers of Commerce and Industry. She is engaged as a MENA Advisor to Strong-field Technologies Ltd, manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech components and equipment for defence, space and aerospace applications between 2013 and 2017. She has brokered commercial deals within oil and gas sectors within MENA and Africa respectively.
She is a well-published journalist, political writer for both the press and TV media. She has authored many books regarding conflicts in the Middle East. Dr Nidaa Sabbagh is a highly respected global political analyst, strategist and advisor on governmental and security affairs.
Nidaa is a member of many significant NGOs, with a particularly strong reputation in human rights, peace and reconciliation affairs, often involving complex matters with various militia and political parties. This includes the prestigious Universal Peace Federation and International Peace Ambassadors Academy. She is the President Middle East for Commonwealth Entrepreneur Club, London, UK.
In August 2020, Nidaa was appointed as an Ambassador of the Arab Union for Childhood Protection in Britain. This position gives Nidaa all the powers of the Union’s Ambassador in Britain. She was the conference Director for ELS Edification Plus, a UK organisation that promotes new curriculum and positive change for Children’s Health and Safety in the 21st Century. The conference took place in March 2021. She was a keynote speaker at the International Collaborations Event organised at the UK House of Lords in October 2021. She is a Trustee and Adviser for a number of highly reputable organisations in Europe and Africa. This includes, Bassuah Legacy Foundation based in Ghana and UK. She is also a member of the Judicial board that selects award recipients on behalf Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN). Dr Nidaa is also a consultant expert in Public Relations (PR). She is a sought-after expert by political office holders from different parts of the world.
Awards and Recognition:
Nidaa has received numerous high-profile awards and recognitions for her benevolence and active involvements in peace, conflict resolution and humanitarian services. These include:
• Ambassador for Peace award by Universal Peace Federation, USA (2021).
• Exemplary Innovative Leadership award by Global Women Inventors & Innovation Network (GWIIN), UK (2020).
• Doctor of Humanities (Good News International University, India (2019).
• Honorary Doctorate in Humanities (National Academy for Studies and Development) (2019).
• European Union publication of International Arbitration Consultants. (2019)
• Outstanding contribution award by Women and Girls Empowerment Support LTD (WAGES), UK (2018).
• Ambassador of International Peace membership by International Peace Ambassadors Academy, Bahrain (2018).
• Commendation from The Union of Arab Intellectuals And Business Gates, Dubai, UAE (2017).
• Appreciation of Humanitarian Work by Business Gates Club, Dubai, UAE. (2017).
Dr Nidaa is fluent in Arabic, French and English. She is a British citizen residing in the UK. A trusted confidential intermediary within sensitive commercial and political negotiations, forming very discreet reciprocal relationships with high profile governmental and business influencers.