Eduardo Iussife Marques Vieira

I was Born in 1979 in Maputo the capital of Mozambique, where I concluded my primary school education, then I departed to South Africa where I finished Matriculation in Johannesburg and eventually did a Bachelor of commercial Law Degree at the Rhodes University.

Between 2000 and 2001 I traveled through some South American and European nations, and in 2001, I initiated a Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanization in Brazil at Pontifica Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais, (PUC-Minas) which I concluded in 2004.

I am a well-traveled person that has visited most southern African nations, part of the European Union, the U.K and Russia, as well as a few eastern European nations, I have also been to Cuba, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, India, China, and South east Asia. My main activity is entrepreneurship, and business has been the main essence of my career since I started working in 2004. I have developed strong leadership skills as well as the ability to both lead and work within a team, I have worked as a manager and as a director, I have experienced different roles in 10 years since i have started working on my carer.

Academic Education:

1. Secondary School: Woodmead High, Gauteng. (Matric) (I.B) .1997

2. University Level: Bcom Law Degree at Rhodes University of Grahamstown, South

Africa. 1998-2000

3. University Level: Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanization at PUC of Minas-

Gerais, Brazil 2001-2004

Employment History:

(June 2004 – July 2006) One of three Directors and shareholders of Ben-Hur Holdings,a trading company, Ben-Hur Holdings core business was the active commerce of scrap metal, the company exported over 125.000 tons of scrap metal to Asian markets during its project of two years.

(May 2005- July 2006) I was a Legal department executive and consultant for MozaCapitais and part of the board that created Moza Banco, Investment and development Banking.

(September 2006- July 2009) General Director of CDZ (Cereais do Zambeze) Agrobusiness and agro-processing company in the Zambezi valley, in Tete Mozambique.

Cereais do Zambeze was a government owned company whose main purpose was to develop the agricultural trade, and to process cereals for relieve of hunger during flood season in central Mozambique, this company worked directly with WFP and INGC.

(Sept 2006 – July 2008) Administrator of Zamcorp for the areas of research, planing and implementation of business opportunities on the region of the Zambezi Valley Basin.

Zamcorp was a joint venture between Geo Capitais, Moza Capitais, and GPZ(Gabinete do plano do Zambeze.

(Feb 2007- current date) Director and share-holder of Cahora Limitada, touristic andReal Estate developers in the province of Tete, Mozambique.

(Feb. 2005 -current date) Director and shareholder of Indico Investments, investment company with interests in the mining industry, co-shareholder of ETA STAR MOZ, a mining company that holds 1068L coal mining license in Tete Mozambique.

(Jan. 2014-current date) Director os MMX S.A, Mozambique Mining Matrix Minning and Metals exploration, focusing on crushing and screening operations, for the production of construction aggregates.


English (fluent); Portuguese (fluent);  Spanish (fluent); French (fluent)

Other Activities:

Co-owner of Gogopiro lounge, a Pub and Restaurant, in Tete, opened since 2010.

Fine Arts is my main hobby, opened my first collective expo on the 10th of August 2013.

Production of events such as business and political conferences and seminars.

Politics, i am an active member of FRELIMO party, in the organs of youth OJM and freedom fighters ACCLIN.