Emanuel Pimenta

Born in 1957, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta is an architect, urban planner, erudite music composer, artist and photographer – working with neurology, especially neuro-aesthetics, since the early 1980s. His works include more than a hundred revolutionary architectural projects, from artificial islands to buildings in Earth orbit; more than four hundred musical compositions – performed in major theaters and museums around the world (Lincoln Center, Joyce Theater and The Kitchen in New York, Opera Garnier, Opera Bastille or La Ville Theater in Paris, Shinjuku Bunka Center in Tokyo, the Montpellier Opera, the Aix en Provence Festival or the Nancy National Opera in France, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon, the MASP Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo, La Fenice in Venice, the Biennale of São Paulo and the Biennale of Venice among many others); more than eighty books and fifty compact discs published in several countries, international awards and revolutionary concepts.


He is an active member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris, the American Society for the Advancement of Science, the ASMP American Society of Media Photographers, of CAU Architecture and Urbanism Council of Brazil, of the Order of Architects of Portugal and he is also member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics where he is the Chairman of the Awards Sector of the AIAA Space Architecture Technical Committee. He is a consulting member of the AIVAC – Association Internationale pour la Video dans les Arts et la Culture, in Locarno, Switzerland. He was a founding member of the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry and of the ISA International Symmetry Association, both in Budapest. He is Consultant of the NUTAU Center for Advanced Studies of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo; and is a researcher of the COLABOR group of the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo. He is also a researcher associated to the University of Minho, Portugal. He is a member of SACD – Societè des Autheurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques in Paris since 1991.


He was awarded with the Outstanding Marketing Prize in 1977, by the Brazilian Marketing Association; the APCA Prize in 1986 by the Paulista Association of Art Critics (AICA International Association of Art Critics, in São Paulo, Brazil); and the Lake Maggiore Prize in 1994 by the AICA International Association of Art Critics, UNESCO, the Council of Europe and the Regional Government of Lombardy in Locarno, Switzerland. In 1993 his work was selected by UNESCO as one of the most representative intermedia artists in the world. In 2017 he received the Gold Medal of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris.

He lives in Locarno, Switzerland – his main residence – but also in New York and Lisbon.