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Filsan Abdullahi

Minister of Women, Children and Youth in Ethiopia

H.E Ms. Filsan Abdullahi is the Minister of Women, Children and Youth in Ethiopia. She was appointed on March 12, 2020 at the age of 29 making her the youngest person to hold a cabinet position in the country.


H.E Ms. Filsan Abdullahi is from the Somali Regional State and before becoming a minister, she established Nabad TV, a satellite Television Station broadcasting in Somali. She is the first woman to both establish and head a TV station in Ethiopia. Nabad which translates to peace in her native Somali language is also the name of a project she started which focused on promoting peace and solidarity between Somali and Oromo ethnic groups. She mobilized youth from both communities to create dialogue and consensus which led to her appointment as a Goodwill Ambassador for Peace.


Before moving to Ethiopia and starting Nabad, H.E Ms Filsan worked as a speech and language therapist for children with autism in England. She holds Masters in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire.



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