Friska Wirya


Friska Wirya is a Change Management expert who has led change efforts impacting up to 23,000 people across 6 of the seven continents. For 9 years, she’s dedicated herself to studying what sustains behavioral change in global organizations. She helps them more readily accept and thrive through disruptive change such as digital transformations, M&As, business process offshoring and operating model redesigns.


A lifelong learner, her effectiveness at managing the people-side of change has proven to be a compelling cost mitigation strategy for the biggest names in mining, engineering and higher ed.

Friska’s expertise has been sought after at Women in Leadership Singapore, Women in Mining & Energy Indonesia, Women in Construction and Engineering Australia, Future of Mining, Mining Leaders Forum and publications within Australia and internationally. Friska also speaks about diversity & inclusion, motivation and resilience, keynoting at Microsoft Indonesia, Bendigo Innovation & Invention Festival and Wonder Women Tech.



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