Genevieve Pantin

Genevieve Pantin is an existential and trauma therapist, and a social anthropologist with more than 20 year’s-experience working with women from marginalised communities globally.  A former model in London and A keen and competitive equestrian and an equine therapist she has resided between Dubai and Spain for the last 12 years. She is also the director of a Global Consultancy company, and the founder of the online publication and the Author of A Lioness Heart – Find your Purpose Find your Path.


Born and raised in Trinidad, she left for London to study psychology and anthropology and within this time she also participated in research programs at the Australian National University where she engaged with Native Australian studies and Asian Studies in the field of Anthropology. Ever since she has travelled the world to follow her passion, to build a legacy and to make a difference supporting women and young people mostly from migrant communities deal with issues such as abuse, poverty and trauma to guide them to live a more fulfilled life. Genevieve has developed programs in London for youth at risk, migrant teenage mothers and marginalized children with autism. Genevieve continued her work in East Africa where she designed and executed programs in sustainable development, the rehabilitation of refuged ex child soldiers and HIV awareness.


Genevieve’s current focus is in gender equality and woman empowerment. She works in all aspects of her life to encourage women to overcome their life’s traumas, to find their voice, their strength and their path to purpose. Through this journey she works to inspire their philanthropic spirit so they then can be guide to make a difference in their world.