Hera in India

27 January, 2020

In January, Marianela Mirpuri, Hera founder, visited Hera Ambassador Sangeeta Ahir, in India. Hera Advisor Mary Pagano accompanied Mirpuri.

Sangeeta Ahir, a respected businesswoman and a Bollywood producer, is also very active in social responsibility, philanthropy and the empowerment of women in her native India. We are so grateful for everything she is doing in India on behalf of HERA and Inspired by HERA.

During this trip, HERA had the chance to be present at the inauguration of the first bus provided free of charge to transport women home, after their nightshifts in Mumbai. which has been promoted as an initiative Inspired by Hera. The Mayor of Mumbai, as well as other VIP women from India, were in attendance at this event.

The following day, Marianela Mirpuri was received in the Town Hall of Mumbai, and awarded a Medal of the city of Mumbai, presented by the Mayor.

The Hera team also met with the Minister of Environment and Tourism, to discuss important projects to be carried on in India, and also inspired by Hera.

Another initiative is “WISH – Inspired by Hera,” a concept already launched in India and that will be replicated throughout the world. WISH will facilitate every woman to buy a home in their own name, under very special and interesting conditions. To find out more about this exciting program, please read about it on our website.Last but not least, we enjoyed a visit to Bollywood, where we had the chance to meet and speak with Bollywood star Salman Hkan also renowned as a generous philanthropist working for a better world for everyone.