As the Ambassador of Hera UK, we have come up with an innovative global music festival.  We recognize that music is a universal language, a connector a powerful voice, and if it is used through the right channels, can be a tool of change!


History shows from Fela Kuti, Nigerian composer and instrumentalists, a political activist and pan Africanist that musicians can break all sterotypes.  A great example is the Spice girls.  A powerful and influencial global musical band which their music was every bit the embodiment of women empowerment.  Their music was universally reaching out to men and woman offering diversity, demonstrating their music had no class boundaries with followers such as Presidents and even British Royals.


It was celebrated by all. Spice girls having names such as Posh Spice, Sporty and Ginger, they challenged negative connotations and gender roles.


It is with this idea that music can be the perfect tool to bring communities together while promoting the message of Hera. Hera music festivals intend to raise awareness while celebrating women empowerment. Hera music festivals seek to be inclusive bringing Mother Earth together from all four corners of the world. Musicians from different countries; both male and female, popular and upcoming and the youth bringing the embodiment of “we are family at peace” through music.


Hera music festival organizers will also be launching albums and the event aims to raise funds for Hera city UK and projects Hera supports to empower women.


Hera Youth Program believes every child is created equal and gifted and  aims to identify and develop these talents using different channels. Children learn and develop in different ways and no one way of learning should be applied to all!


It is therefore our mission through Hera Youth Empowerment Program to explore various innovative ways of learning by partnering with organizations that offer alternative and non-monotonous ways of learning.


Hera Youth Program UK believes there is a genius in all of us that is just waiting to be discovered through the right support and channeling. This can be achieved and will require financial support. We look forward to partner with sponsors to help empower future generations and also work alongside already established educational institutions to offer scholarships to the most gifted, who would not otherwise be able to afford a good education.


We also aim to offer leadership and mentoring and youth ambassador roles in various sectors.

Hera youth project wants to change the minds of youth to show that all things are possible.  If  a child dreams of becoming an astronaut or a female pilot, that there are no limitations, just a willing mind and we will work with the youth to help them achieve their dream.


Mercy Guilbert

Hera Ambassador UK





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