Laleh Hancock

Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock is a conscious parent, seasoned executive and life-long entrepreneur. She is committed, in both her professional and personal life, to inspiring and empowering others to recognize greater potential in themselves, becoming leaders and to create profound wellness in their bodies and lives.

Laleh is a leadership and entrepreneurial coach, professional services consultant, personal wellness mentor, a wealth creator and founder and CEO of global professional services company, Belapemo and Global Wellness For All.

Laleh bosts 30+ years of highly-celebrated career in professional services, corporate leadership, strategic partnership and collaboration, investor relations &recruitment, personal and corporate wellness and executive coaching.

Forced to flee Iran as a young girl, and eventually settling in the USA at the age of 11, Laleh’s personal story is testament to her intelligence, resilience and entrepreneurial aptitude. A highly respected executive and leadership coach, Laleh has a particular interest in supporting and encouraging the leadership capabilities of all especialy women – in business, in the workplace, at home and in the wider community.

Laleh has traveled the globe inspiring and empowering tens of millions of individuals, businesses, executives, families, athletes and veterans, and believes that, through the curiosity of questions and the use of pragmatic tools, every person can have wellness in all facets of their life.

Laleh is an ardent change-agent and a committed benevolent capitalist, with a desire to bring global wellness to the forefront of everyone’s awareness. As an ambassador of Actions For Futures, Laleh partners with individuals, businesses, and nature to bring awareness and resources for creating a better today and tomorrow on planet earth.

One of her recent contributions of empowering all ages is being featured alongside luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey, Melinda Gates, and Ginni Rometty in the 2019 publication, America’s Leading Ladies.

America’s Leading Ladies: Stories of courage, challenge and triumph.