Michaelene Holder-March

Michaelene Holder-March, is a goal driven healthcare executive with over 31 years of leadership and training experience. She is also well known and respected in the UK and USA for her professionalism, her vast experience and portfolio of managing Corporate & Clinical Governance, Information Governance, Risk Management, Operations, System Resilience,


Claims, Audit and Health and Safety in both the public and private healthcare sector. Drawing on her experience working with a wide range of companies of all sizes, from all sectors, Michaelene is an enthusiastic and inspirational coach, also a strategic advisor in the reorganising companies and advising CEOs and senior management, specialises in revitalising companies, ensuring that business objectives are achieved through having the right people in the right roles. This can involve developing a new vision and mission for a company, coaching and developing senior managers, creating or restoring focus on wealth creation and managing organisational culture as well as identifying and developing key people and high performance teams.

Michaelene Gail Holder-March is a qualified teacher, nurse & midwife with registrations both in the UK & USA; she also holds a LLB and MBA in Management.

Michaelene Holder-March is a strong advocate of hands-on, inquiry based learning, she actively involves herself in a variety of charitable community service, mentoring /coaching others to follow her lead. Today Michaelene Gail Holder-March is an executive director of Operations, System Resilience and Nursing at one the UK biggest NHS providers. Additionally she has 3 established UK companies including MHM Health Consultancy Ltd.