Mural for Hera City by Sema Lao

11 July, 2019

Being both a woman and an artist, the Hera project resonates in my spirit as a calling. The concept corresponds much to my way of thinking, in everyday life as well as within my painting: celebrating creation, creativity, the power of life and beauty.

I mostly paint childhood scenes, and often motherhood as well, because the future depends on our children.

They are affected by the way we raise them; a mother must be loving and caring, but she also needs to be bstrong for herself and for others, since she will inevitably be an example.

Art implies a similar process of creation, and feminine art has that particularity to expresses strength, softness, and grace.

I will therefore be proud to exhibit my work under the HERA name, to participate to this movement and add my own strength and conviction. I pledge to to eventually paint a large colourful mural, in a location as yet undetermined, as a tribute to the HERA project.

By Sema Lao