Neha Wadhwa Arora

Have been working as a business analyst and consultant in various fields including IT, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Food grains, Brand Marketing and Business Development, for clients across Private and Public (Government) Sectors, for about 14 years now.
After completing my education in Engineering (in communications) and then MBA (in finance and communications), I joined Infosys as a consultant and worked for their major solution and service design projects primarily for British Telecom apart from other banking and telecom giants. I also worked on the development of Infosys’ white label app platform Flypp.
I have also gained certification for Marketing Essentials from Harvard.
Meanwhile, I owned and ran two cafes (one breakfast cafe and other fish and chips dine in) in London till 2015 as well.
I belong to the Kohinoor Rice business family from India. Thereby, I work part time with my family business of rice and ready to eat grains and have been actively involved in business development activities interacting with our clients around the world. We have also been a regular exhibitor at the annual Private Label Manufacturers Association trade show – for these food products, in Amsterdam and LA.
Currently, I have been working with a Government of India Consultancy company (Engineers India Limited) in the Oil and Gas sector and handling marketing, strategy and business development activities for large projects ranging from $1 bn to $25 bn since 2011. Apart from the engineering and technical side of these projects, which is where my engineering teams come in, a big part of these is centred around building the necessary infrastructure, utilities and offsites, smart city concepts, buildings, Water and waste treatment, solar power, etc.