Roseita Royce

Roseita is a British Filmmaker, She is the CEO of the Big Ben Studios at Pinewood Studios, UK.

She has been the Senior Producer, Head of the Directors’ team and Head of the Writers’ Room for many years.

Roseita started her career with Modelling at a very early age and ever since she has continued in the field throughout her education and work in the film & fashion industry. She studied at some of the best universities such as NFTS which is one of the top film universities in the world.

She started writing when she was just a teenager and she is very well known for her 72 fiction and non-fiction comedy, fantasy, adventure, romance and drama stories and screenplays which she wrote for books, feature films, TV series, documentaries and educational programs.

She also is known for being the founder of several famous film festivals all around the world. She has been the President of the British Film Festival, British Fashion Festival, International Animation Film Festival, London Fashion Film Festival & International Web Festival for many years.

As the president of the British Film House and the CEO of Big Ben Studios, Roseita is one of the key producers in the UK & US with a focus on the international film market. she is an experienced businesswoman who worked in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years.

As a Professor & Chancellor of the International British Academy, Roseita always takes an open and honest approach to revealing the secrets behind the scenes and tricks of the trade in the film industry to new filmmakers. she also teaches the key secrets of her success in the International British Academy and festivals to thousands of Filmmakers every year.