Rosi Orozco

Since 1990 Rosi Orozco has been dedicated to the promotion and defense of human rights through various partnerships, focused particularly in  combating trafficking crime, social development and the strengthening of Families.

In 2005, invited to Washington, D.C. by Concerned Women for America, she had her first approach to the issue of trafficking people, where she got engaged and accepted the challenge of fighting for eradicate the slavery in her country.

Rosi Orozco works tirelessly to recover and successfully reintegrate victims of human trafficking into society who have suffered different forms of exploitation: sexual, work, work forced, begging, forced matrimony, among others. The struggle and the Rosi’s main purpose is to free those who have been abused.

On many occasions, during his work, Rosi has put his life at risk to free girls from territories who for decades have been untouchables for Mexican justice and where red spotlights are presented for sexual exploitation. These places include areas such as La Mercy.

Once Rosi became involved in the issue of human trafficking, she established a shelter specializing in caring for victims of human trafficking and exploitation. This was a joint development with specialists and psychologists, which became a unique model of care, exclusive for the care of victims of these crimes.

Over the years Rosi has interviewed more than 200 victims and helped to empower themselves and be able to move forward in their lives. She represents the voices of these women, to ensure that their stories are heard by the authorities and society. Some women with their protected identity have had the opportunity to speak in meetings with authorities, schools, forums, media, etc. to demand justice and prevent other

young people, as well as creating social awareness, of how this crime affects life of who are his victims.

In 2009, Rosi Orozco was elected Federal Deputy and in 2010 became a Chairman of the Special Commission to Combat Trafficking in Persons in the LXI Legislature of the Chamber of Deputies. For the first time in Mexico there was a Commission on Trafficking in Persons. Rosi was the main driver Initiative to Prevent, Punish and Eradicate Crimes in Matters of Trafficking in Persons and for the Protection and Assistance of Victims of these crimes. This Initiative subsequently became law in

Mexico and has been in force since 2012.

Rosi’s commitment to Social Justice has led her to support the creation of foundations, shelters and organizations. She currently chairs the United Commission Vs. Trafficking, a civil association that seeks to unify mutual support between different strata of society, politics, business, the arts and international media, in the struggle that concerns everyone.

In October 2017 founded the first refuge in Latin America for the care of male victims of human trafficking. The message is clear: in Mexico “Human beings are NOT for sale.”

Rosi has visited almost every state in the Mexican Republic to raise awareness about the problem of human trafficking and exploitation, it has also been invited on several occasions to countries such as the United States, Italy, united Kingdom, Guatemala, France, Spain, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, India, Bolivia, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Costa Rica, Rosi has appeared in national and international media such as CNN, United Nations Television, Univision, Newsweek, The Herald Magazine, the Washington Post, El Universal, Excélsior, Forbes, Who, Millennium, Telemundo, among Other. Currently participates weekly in Grupo Formula (radio andtelevision).

As of February 2019 she was appointed as a representative in Latin America of GSN (Global Sustaintability Network). Also, as a result of the work has done in defending human rights and to raise awareness and prevent on the subject of human trafficking, Rosi Orozco has published four books:

1. From heaven to hell in one day, six real stories of victims of trafficking people who are trained and aware of this crime and how to combat it; 2. Pigeon, beware of Malgato, a story for children and parents that prevents them from trafficking in people; 3. Trafficking in Persons, where she participates as Coordinator, in an edition of the National Institute of Criminal Sciences; and 4. Sexual Exploitation. Slavery as a Family Business, in which from a different perspective, including the vision of a Padrote, explores the issue of the exploitation of the prostitution of others.

Rosi has received several awards and awards at national and international level, among which are:

Medalla Omecíhuatl


Octubre 2011.

150 Mujeres más valientes del Mundo.

Revista Newsweek.

Mayo 2012. Nueva York.

Premio a la Actitud Positiva en el Bien Público.

Cumbre de Comunicación.

Septiembre 2012.

50 Mujeres más poderosas en México.

Revista Forbes.

2013, 2014 y 2016. México.

Paloma de Plata

Convivencia sin Violencia

Junio 2014. México

50 Mujeres que mueven a México

Revista Quien.

Noviembre 2011. México.

Micrófono de Oro

Asociación de Locutores de México.

Junio 2012, Mexico.

Unlikely Heroes

Unlikely Heroes

Octubre 2013, Hollywood, California.

Reconocimiento por su labor contra la trata.


Marzo 2014, France.

Reconocimiento Profersora Enriqueta Lopez de Cabrera

Universidad Realística de México

Marzo 2015, México.

20 Líderes 2015

Revista Mujer Ejecutiva

Septiembre 2015, México.

Micrófono de Oro

Asociación de Locutores de México.

Abril 2016, Mexico.

Presea Manuel Ignacio Altamirano

Tribunal Superior de Justicia de la CDMX.

Abril 2019, Mexico.

Rosi thinks “United We Make a Difference.”