Sadhana Soni



“You must be the change you wish to see in the world ”

Mahatma Gandhi


Sadhana Soni is a Kenyan native, born to immigrant parents and works and lives in London.


Her professional qualifications are both an accountant and a lawyer.


Sadhana specialises in corporate and commercial work, is the founding director of Denning Sotomayor which, is a Mayfair based law firm situated right in the heart of Central London


She has been practising as a corporate commercial lawyer for over 23 years representing high net worth individuals and organisations who are based both in the U.K. and globally.  Alongside corporate commercial work she also provides advice to governments, charities, public figures and politicians.


Sadhana has a steely reserve, is strategic and somebody who is able to work very effectively with people, clients, co-workers, and other professionals from all walks of life and, they repeatedly refer to her as being the key operator who attracts plaudits for her innate ability to swiftly handle complex matters including situations and, incredibly pivotal to have on your side.


She actively campaigns for human rights and equality for women which, has lead to her being closely involved with several charities around the world with a special emphasis on those working with women, children and education. She is dedicated to women’s empowerment, firmly believes in promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine and make their own choices, speak and fight for their rights in a resounding manner and be courageous to say “I’m Speaking- Kamala Haris” when an untenable demand is being made for unjust submission. Despite her humility Sadhana is a firm advocate of instilling an empowerment belief that one’s true passion absolutely must be to live a life one is capable of living, without any compromise for less and, with complete self-respect and dignity, the overriding intrinsic rights bestowed on each of us.