Sandra Sánchez

Came my way as the promise of a better world for humanity as a whole, and particularly for the empowerment of women on this planet.

I was thrilled from the very first moment I discovered this grandiose project, most probably due to my Mexican origins, as we have a male dominated society that manages and controls all the important aspects of life: social, financial, political, etc…

Since I moved to Europe where I found more opportunities for the professional development of women, I have met a variety of committed and valuable women who have been able to develop their capacity in order to build a better world for the sake of humanity as a whole. If we are united as women, there are no boundaries to what we can achieve.

It is an honour for me to belong to the HERA UNIVERSE and give my best for the purpose of being able to improve our planet.

Our contributions will add up and we will accomplish major achievements.

My heartfelt thanks to Marianela Mirpuri for giving me this opportunity to contribute to this unique and impressive worldwide movement.