The current context in which companies and professionals move around is extremely uncertain and volatile. Constant change is a reality and business planning and its activities seem impossible to achieve. Team leaders and departments struggle with the perception that in a world that has changed so much, many of your skills and competences no longer are enough to design the strategy and drive the future of your business.

This reality demands the development of exponential thinking, which is difficult to do without investing time and typically substantial financial resources. That’s why today most leaders are looking for agile learning solutions that respond to the challenges of the future, based on current examples or future references.

“Traditional’is no longer enoughto make an impact. The xBA program allows you to build a competitive advantage with your leadership skills, mastering the innovative principles of Exponential management, learning directly with the market experts of Silicon Valley.”

Felipe Gianetti

Start.Se Head of Operations @ Silicon Valley


The xBA program prepares you for the challenges of the future with a knowledge of transformative impact that is absolutely upto-date, affording you with the most profound insights, so you can create durable mental models. You will acquire a set of strategic tools powerful enough for you to master planning skills and disruptive action.

You will have the possibility to learn directly from renowned international experts who are driving major transformations in the largest companies in Silicon Valley and the world. The training is fast and intense, giving you the same tools of leadership and management strategies used in these exponential organizations. You will develop the skills that are currently most sought by companies to drive the processes of innovation and transformation.

The essential executive
training for a world in disruption