Tania Tome

Tania Tome, American Business Award Judge Member, Forbes Council
Coaches Member, Ecokaya CEO, Womenice.Org President

Tania Tomé is a highly accomplished and multifaceted professional, known
for her exceptional achievements as an award-winning serial
entrepreneur, international speaker, world-class performance coach,
global ambassador, and author of the critically acclaimed book
“Succenergy – Activate Your Energy and Discover Your Success Inside
You.” With an impressive track record spanning over a decade in coaching
and business advisory, coupled with ten years of experience as a
successful entrepreneur, Tania has established herself as an influential
figure in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership.

Currently serving as the CEO and executive coach of Ecokaya, a prominent
advisory and corporate training company, Tania spearheads initiatives
aimed at identifying opportunities, establishing businesses, and
fostering valuable partnerships across Africa and CPLP countries. The
Traiblazer Extraodinaire according to Tony Elumelu Foundation, Tome
extensive networking portfolio has made her an influential figure in the
business community, contributing significantly to the growth and
development of countless individuals and organizations. Tome is Global
Ambassador and Advisor for Brandulogy, Mentor for Mandela Miles, Judge
for American Business Award & Forbes Coaches Council among many other

Passionate about empowering women and youth, Tania assumes the role of
President of the Womenice.org, that orgazines a leadership Summit with
more than 30 speakers worldwide. Through this foundation, she is
dedicated to nurturing leadership capacity, connecting individuals with
exponential growth opportunities, and fostering exceptional success
within their communities. Tania’s commitment to fostering
entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership within African countries is
a testament to her mission of empowering individuals, entrepreneurs, and

Tania’s expertise lies in various areas, including leadership,
governance, performance, personal development, branding, and
communication. Renowned for her unique coaching style, she is highly
regarded as one of Africa’s leading executive coaches. By blending
mentoring and coaching, Tania enables businesses, professionals,
entrepreneurs, youth, and impact leaders to achieve exponential growth
in their key success parameters. Her inspirational leadership
methodology, known as the “Succenergy” approach, empowers individuals
and workforces to surpass their collective goals and exceed their
perceived boundaries of possibilities.

As an accomplished conference speaker, career mentor, and writer, Tania
has graced the stages of major coaching, career, and leadership
conferences across Africa and Portuguese-speaking countries. Her
expertise has been sought after in numerous countries, including Uganda,
Rwanda, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and
Principe, Sierra Leone, and the United States, among others.

Tania’s exceptional contributions to entrepreneurship and leadership and
credebility have been recognized on various platforms, partnering and
working for organizations such as UNDP, UNWomen,AbInBEV, Forbes,
American Business Award among others. She has been named to the United
Nations-supported top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent
list by Mipad-New York and received the Portuguese Academic award from
former Portuguese President Mario Soares through the Portugal-Africa
Foundation. In addition, Tania has been acknowledged among the 100 Most
Inspiring African Female Leaders 2022 by World Economic Mag/US.

Known as an international “rockstar” of public speaking and a young
networking guru, Tania Tomé has shared the stage and networked with
influential figures such as award-winning Brian Tracy, Google Directors,
Portuguese and Mozambican Presidents, Kofi Annan, Richard Branson, and
Mandela’s First Lady, Graça among others. Her transformative work has
earned her various titles, reflecting her impact in building and
transforming thousands of entrepreneurs and millions of people across
Africa and around the world.