It is unquestioned that women today hold a prominent place in society and they have come a long way since the early years. However, gender equality isn’t an omnipresent reality yet.

Hera’s aim is to promote this undoubtedly fundamental human right.

Hera’s vision is to promote and highlight women and their incredible strength, tenacity and creativity.

While we support the continuous effort to the development for legal, political and conceptual basis for gender equality, we focus on the active creation of concrete, tangible and very substantial opportunities enabling women to feel complete and live their lives with self fulfilment.



Hera aims to actively restitute a permanent, strong and everlasting voice to women by firmly placing all genders side by side.

We push for a better, more equitable and more inclusive world. We will develop means of social justice projects, networking seminars, workshops, creative expression and commerce allowing enlightened women and men to come together in a peaceful space to accomplish these goals.

We wish to proactively build a socially fair and responsible future both for ourselves and for generations to come.


Hera city

Our plan is to initiate a real estate project adapted to the place where it will be built as well as the determinations of our investors.

Hera City will be a large sustainable, environmental-friendly city where women, men and families from all places will be gathered.

Its is important to note the great economical, cultural and social development it will bring for the region in which it will be built; it will strongly enhance its market value.

This cosmopolitan and multicultural space shall be designed to be women-friendly, but a domain in which both women and men will feel at home. Families are more than welcome and there will be sufficient space to accommodate everyone. Hera City shall offer those who visit it a stay full of charm and detail.

The City shall grow as required, from the germination of an idea, from which a meeting point, of conversation, of revelation, or diving into the feminine universe being actualized through debates, lectures, classes, exhibitions, concerts, and so on.